Something Good Ventures
Based in Canada, Something Good Ventures invests in great companies trying to solve big problems such as climate change. Our hope is to help grow companies that make the world a better place for generations to come.
Uses drones to quickly replant forests after a wildfire.
A marketplace that pays landowners to maintain trees.
Turns single-use waste into beautiful household products.
Transforms food scraps into a polyester alternative thread.
Creates compostable bioplastic from wood pulp and kelp.
Sustainable, low-emissions   outer space rockets.
Produces clean hydrogen while sequestering CO2.
Civic engagement platform for progressive organizations.
The news designed to inform and remove your biases.
Independent news publisher platform and services.
Deconstruction and material salvage of homes and offices.
Platform for local, independent micromobility businesses.
Proceeds fund the Vohra Miller Family Foundation.